Vintage Bird Cage

Vintage Wire & Screen Authentic Bird Cage & Glass Feeders

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Old bird cage in excellent condition. Stands 12" tall and is 12" across the base. 
The brown tray inside is removable. It's not rusted up and I don't see any broken wires. 
A glass feeder and a glass water container are included and are removable. 
The hinge on the door works fine and the spring to close the door is tight. 
The cage is held onto the base by the original tension pins and they are nice and tight. 
I believe the cage is brass and is worn and has some white residue on it. May clean up nice but I'll leave that up to the buyer. 
Overall, the cage is in very fine condition considering its age. Has been cleaned and looks nice. 
Authentic bird cage, not some reproduction or something made for decoration. 
Still perfectly fine to use for a bird or turn into a beautiful decoration with flowers, candles or a live plant. 
 Will ship USPS or FedX 

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