African Bird Pepper

African BIRDS EYE CHILI Red pepper Powder Extremely Hot, gourmet red - Hot...

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African BIRDS EYE CHILI Red pepper Powder Extremely Hot, African gourmet red pepper - Hot spicy powder. (8oz)

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  • Shipping Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • NUTRIENTS: Red peppers have a lot of spice and flavour without many added calories, fat or sugar. In 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper, there are only 6 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrate. The same amount of pepper contains 15 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin A for a 2,000-calorie diet. Vitamin A is beneficial for improving skin, hair, nails and eyes. Red pepper also contains vitamins C, E and B-6, and the minerals iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • PAIN RELIEVE: If you have pain or inflammation in your body, eating more crushed red pepper may help. Capsaicin is a compound in peppers that gives them a hot and spicy flavor and is also responsible for reducing pain.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: Crushed red pepper is thermogenic in nature, which means it produces heat in the body and stimulates the metabolism. A study found that people who consumed hot red peppers ate fewer total calories per day and had a diminished interest in food. If you're looking for a safe, healthy way to burn more calories and get excessive eating under control, adding crushed red pepper to food could help.

African Bird pepper adds heat and bite to seasoning blends, meats, pickles, seafood, and Italian, Indian,Mexican and Caribbean pepper is used in seasoned salt, chili powder, jerk, and Berber, seasoning blends.

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