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1000 Leg Band/Bird Ring Gouldian Zebra Parrot Finch Canary Society 2.5mm 10Color

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1000 Leg Band/Bird Ring Gouldian Zebra Parrot Finch Canary Society 2.5mm 10Color

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1000 Leg Bands/Bird Ring for Gouldians, Zebra, Parrot Finch, Canary, Society, Diamond Sparrows, Mannikins, Star Finches, or other small birds. 10 Different Colors in each order!!

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Suitable for banding birds after hatching, or split the bands and band the birds when they are weaned for family identifications. Made of high-quality durable plastic, non-toxic and tasteless.


  • Closed bands, so can be used for hatched chicks or can easily be split with a knife as needed for adult birds.
  • Color: 10 Different Colors (We will send you random 10 colors, 100 of each color for a total of 1000; if you want specific colors let us know).
  • Length: Approx. 5mm
  • Inner diameter: Approx. 2.5mm
  • Outer diameter: Approx. 5mm


Quantity: 1000 Bird Leg Bands
Leg Ring Applicator (Included for FREE)

How to band the chicks foot ring?

You can use a knife to cut/split the bands if you're banding adult birds, or follow the instructions below if you are banding small chicks at around 7 days old depending on breed and chick size.

1. Grasp the chick, but gently so the bird can breathe.
2. Apply a little lubricant in the claws of the chicks, make foot ring through the front three toes, finally set on the ankle
3. You may need to use a toothpick to a little bit gently to pry out the toes of the back from the foot ring
4. Rest foot ring in the appropriate location between the ankle and elbow

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