Phrag. kovachii 'Birdman' FCC/AOS x self

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ShippingWe are unable to ship to CA, HI or Puerto Rico due to agricultural importation requirements. We do all of our shipping on Monday and Tuesday, be aware that if you place your order on a Tuesday it may not ship until the following week.
This is a seedling of Phragmipedium kovachii 'Birdman' FCC/AOS x self. The plant in the photos is an excellent representation of what you will receive. I will select the largest and most healthy plant available and will not ship out plants that are unhealthy or not well established in their pots.The seedling is potted in a fine bark mix with a top dressing of horticultural lime and live sphagnum moss.  The flower in the photo is the parent. The parent was awarded an FCC/AOS for its excellent color and flat flower shape as well as being 17 cm across!

Phragmipedium kovachii Care Guide


Kovachii like to be wet all the time, we grow them in a tray of distilled or RO water between 1cm and 3cm deep depending on the height and size of the pot. You want the water to wick up through the media with the roots being submerged under water as little as possible. A taller pot is beneficial for achieving this. Regularly changing the water in the tray is important as it helps to oxygenate the water and reduces bacteria to help prevent root rot. With our blooming size plants we change the water once a week.

The pot should also be flushed twice a week, alternating between distilled water and fertilizer water. We use our tap water here is Missouri which has a very alkaline pH of 8 as it is filtered through limestone. Phrag. kovachii are native to the limestone mountains of Peru and so they love our tap water. We mix our tap water with a fertilizer at half strength. We also use a kelp and fish emulsion foliar fertilizer and spray the foliage and visible roots once a month.


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