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Cyril H. Rogers


Horncastle, Lincolnshire, UK: published by K & R Books, 1979.


7.5 x 5 in. 122 pages. Includes 6 full-page colour plates, plus black & white photographs, diagrams and line drawings.

Condition: good. This is a nice clean, straight copy. The book itself is in very good condition. The jacket is scuffed, with some wear to the edges. There is a retailer stamp on the bottom of the half title page, but no other markings at all.


Up to the turn of the 1950s Zebra Finches were just one of the interesting small Australian birds that were freely imported into most countries. They had been found to breed quite easily in captivity and some colour variations has occured and become established.

During 1958 the Zebra Finch was declared to be fully domesticated and no longer to be classed as a foreign bird. At the time of this book's publication (1979) Zebra Finches were available in ten different colour forms and their various combinations added to wich Yellow Beaks and Crested birds had further increased the potential permutaions.

Here, the author explains fully the culture of the Zebra Finch. Housing, feeding, breeding and exhibiting are all fully discussed as are the colour potentials, the Yellow Beaked and the Crested varieties.

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