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NOT FOR SALE - Display Only Showcasing Future eBay Listings and Offerings
Hurley Byrd Mourning Dove Series Feeding Station
This is a     ......Forest to Finish to You.....      Product

Crafted from lumber in which we:
Harvested the Tree
Cut the Lumber
Built the Feeder

AKA: Forest to Finish to You

This particular feeder is.....
Appalachian Mountain Grown Poplar with Basswood Railings
Poplar is one of the country's most economically important hardwoods.
It is used everywhere and in nearly everything....... and now HB Bird Feeders too.
This exact feeder ships in two boxes. Total Weight: 44.6 Pounds

This beautiful feeder is here on eBay as a display model only. It is here to
show what HB will be bringing to our eBay Festival of Feeders in the upcoming months/years.

Besides Poplar..... look for nearly everything. Here in the great
 lumber state of West Virginia, we grow lumber and grow a LOT of it too.
We will be harvesting
oak, maple, poplar (of course), cherry, locust, hickories, etc....

We will be harvesting the trees, making amazing lumber and crafting what you see here,
plus a whole lot more. Add us to your Favorite Sellers list and join us in this
all new venture we are calling HB2 (meaning: Hurley Byrd #2). HB2
is the second 15 year span of our careers.
We want you to join us.

As for this particular Poplar feeder..................
Overall Size:
29" in length, 20" in width and 20" in height.
Weight: 35 Pounds empty.

Comes with everything needed to mount to your supplied and erected 4x4 post.
(If you need post erection instructions, we have that on our web site. Contact us.)
Each feeder and its seed tray have pole mounts and the all the screws required to secure to the post.

Feeder's Plexiglas shown with it's protective paper covering.
The new owner will remove it at installation.

All Mourning Dove series feeders are one-off creations and being offered elsewhere. We reserve
the right to end this auction at any time with no prior notice. Furthermore, there is a very slight
possibility this feeder will be purchased through our site or through a different venue
other than eBay. We feel it is only fair the first person to purchase this feeder is the person who
receives this feeder. Hence, we reserve the right to cancel any order received at our
discretion. Refunds will be processed immediate, fully and complete.

We will personally write you if this occurs.

(Generic Mourning Dove Intro from our site)
Big, Bold and Beautiful! 
The Hurley-Byrd Mourning Dove series bird feeders are in a class all their own.
Our years of birding and woodworking expertise produce the finest large bird feeder available.
Through a process of continued enhancement, the Mourning Dove's functionality and beauty have reached
a level unequaled in the bird feeding world. It is pure Form over Function - The BWM of bird feeders.
The Mourning Dove series is our top selling big bird feeder and for good reason. Big, bold and
tremendously beautiful, these feeders attract a lot of birds and tell the whole neighborhood
"You're a Serious Birder." If you seek the highest quality pinnacle feeder for your
feeding station or a gift that will never be forgotten, look no further.

(The following is generic info for Hurley Byrd eBay. May or may not pertain to all feeders.)
Crafted of the Finest Materials:

Premium Grade Wood Throughout

Hurley Byrd uses the finest of lumbers. For our Deer Feeders we have specifically
chosen the very best grade of Great Southern Wood's, Yellawood branded preserved wood lumber (PWL).
Yellawood is a PWL produced here in the USA. Yellawood is a Micronized-Copper Impregnated Southern
Yellow Pine. (AKA: Pressure Treated Lumber) But make no mistake, this is not the old green, arsenic
laced pines of old. Yellawood only uses micronized-copper, which is actually a
certified Organic Gardening fungicide. It is safe for you and your wildlife.

1000 Hour Salt Spray Rated Ceramic Coated Steel Screws
NO staples, brads, nails, epoxies or glues. Hurley Byrd is renowned for
our Olde Tyme Craftsmanship. Each feeder is crafted with real screws throughout. We even predrill each
screw hole prior to installing the screw. We literally handcraft every feeder to near
perfection and assembly each feeder with screws ONLY!!!
There is NO finer wood wildlife feeder anywhere.

Protective Penetrating Oil Finish
And, to complete the whole feeder, we apply a HEAVY application
of HB's Proprietary Penetrating Oil Finish. Kind of an oil based deck finish that soaks deep into the wood's
fibers for the best possible protection. Each feeder and its components are fully submerge into a vat
full of finish. The excess is then allowed to drip off before we hand rub the finish deep into
the wood for an amazingly beautiful appearance. You will be impressed!

We Have Been Doing This for 15 Years
You and your wildlife will LOVE your new Hurley Byrd Deer Feeder.
Here at Hurley Byrd we have been crafting the finest wildlife feeders since 2002.
This year we are celebrating our 15th Anniversary.
Look for some AMAZING one-off feeders crafted of the finest Appalachian lumbers available.
Plus, be the first to see and enjoy MORE feeders coming soon and be the
first to see all of our NEW additions as the year progresses.
Sign up to follow Hurley Byrd here on eBay of through our website.

Order Today... Ships Via FedEx Tomorrow.
We ship each day, Monday through Friday. Most wildlife feeders go to a home/residence. FedEx Home
Delivery arrives Tuesday through Saturday. That's right...... they deliver on Saturdays. See
the included map above for ship days. It's only a map and only provides a rough
estimate of days in transit. Some will be faster, a few will be slower.
If the delivery day is imperative..... contact us first.
Local pick-up right here is always welcomed.

Questions or Comments?
If you have questions or comments, please write or call.
We are a real business producing real American Made products.
Hurley Byrd IS NOT a Pick n Pack company like Amazon
and the other 99.7% of all Internet businesses.
We are real people building real products.

Hurley-Byrd, LLC
462 Williams Crossroads Way
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554
Call Toll Free: Removed Due to eBay Rules
© 2002 - 2018

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