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Cavalier Pets Small Dog Bowls Elevated Feeder and Pet Feeding Mat for Dog & Cat

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Cavalier Pets Small Dog Bowls Elevated Feeder and Pet Feeding Mat for Dog & Cat

Cavalier Pets introduces a unique product for all you CAT AND DOG LOVERS out there. Spoil the fuzzy little kings and queens of your life with this matching Elevated Pet Feeder and Mat SET. Everything you need with a single purchase to help promote a healthier lifestyle for your pets and to keep a clean and sanitized feeding area in your home.

Healthy digestion is one of the most important things. Elevated feeders allow pets to eat in an upright position rather than being slouched. This helps to avoid slow movement of food from the esophagus to the stomach which in turn helps prevent regurgitation and/or vomiting.

In addition to the many health benefits this feeder provides to your SMALL cat or dog, we believe it is critical to keep a sanitized feeding area in your home for your PETS and your FAMILY. Often times, crawling babies can get into bacteria infested areas within your home. Your elevated pet feeder and mat will help keep messy spills, drool, and food particles in the bowls, on the surface of the feeder, or on the mat, rather than your floors. This avoids and nearly eliminates bacteria and mold from forming in unseen areas in your home.

Not only does our feeder and mat keep spills away from floors, it is extremely durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. A sanitized wipe or wood cleaner can be used to wipe down the feeder, bowls are dishwasher safe, and your mat is completely waterproof making it conveniently easy to wash.

Lastly, the matching paw design and color scheme gives a nice clean and simple look which will fit in perfectly with your home decor.

  • PERFECT BUNDLE for SMALL PETS - Get the best of both worlds with a unique matching set. An elevated dog tray for healthy digestion plus a crate waterproof mat to keep your floors protected from messy spills.

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