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Urban Designs Versailles Off-white Wheathered Metal Decorative Bird Cages (Set

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Urban Designs Versailles Off-white Wheathered Metal Decorative Bird Cages (Set

Product Description: Enjoy the curling white metalwork and classic charm of these bird cages, perfect for displaying plants or other decorations. Made from durable metal and wood, these birdcages feature a distressed, weathered look that accentuates their antique style. These cages are suitable for indoor or outdoor use as decorative items.

  • Designed for decorative purposes only and not intended for bird pets
  • Set of three cages
  • Larger cage measures 19 inches high x 10 inches wide x10 inches long
  • Smaller cage measures 15.5 inches high x 7.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches long
  • Decorative cages feature a bohemian vintage style, off-white color, and antique finish
  • Includes hardware included for convenience
  • Sturdy metal and wood construction for lasting durability


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