Bird Nest Fern

20+ BIRDS NEST FERN SPORES (Asplenium nidus) Norfolk Gem Ornamental

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    Partial Shade
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    Does Not Apply
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    A. nidus
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    The Seed Vine
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    All year

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The Seed Vine

This Listing Includes:

20+ Birds Nest Fern Spores

(Asplenium nidus)

In fully labelled zip lock bag (see photos)



Step 1

It is important to use a sterile medium for ferns!

Preferably use a new pot/tray ... or if you are using a container 

that has been used prior, scrub it with a 10% bleach solution 

to kill any pathogens.

You can sterilise your soil (medium) by heating it to 60°C/150°F.  

This can be achieved by putting your pre-moistened medium 

into a microwave or oven in a suitable container and 

checking with a meat thermometer that the above temperature 

has been reached all the way to the middle.

Step 2

Pour your medium into your new or cleaned pot/tray. If 

the medium is not moist enough, use a spray bottle of 

cooled boiled water to moisten. Place pot/tray into a large 

zip lock bag, seal and allow to cool for an hour.

Step 3

Remove zip lock once cooled and sprinkle spores 

sparsely over your medium. Try not to sow them too thickly

as they will overcrowd each other. Replace zip lock bag and 

reseal to retain the humidity and moisture needed to promote 


Place on a partially sunny windowsill, not in direct sunlight.

Ideal germination temperature is 17-22°C/65-75°F, 

germination takes 2-6 weeks.


Step 4

At first you will notice a moss type green film growing

over the surface of the medium, following this you will see

your little ferns beginning to develop! Continue maintaining

the moist, humid environment inside the zip lock bag until

the sporophytes (young ferns) are 1-2 inches tall. At this stage

they can be repotted .. however can survive happily in

the above environment for 12 months!

When transplanting, keep in similar conditions...

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