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ZuPreem Natural parrot bird food Avian Vitamins M Cockatiel conure ringneck keet

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ZuPreem™ Natural Premium Daily Bird Food provides wholesome, healthy and balanced nutrition. Trusted by Zoos since 1968, Made in USA

SIZE  - Small to Medium birds

cockatiels, quaker parakeets, ringneck parakeets, lovebirds, Meyer’s parrots, mini macaws, pionus, caiques, Jardine's parrots, eclectus, african greys, amazons, cockatoos  and other small to medium sized parrots.

ZuPreem Natural Premium is fortified with 21 vitamins and minerals birds need for good health. Fixed formulations are made with high-quality ingredients to provide consistent, balanced nutrition in every bite. Pellets measure approximately 3/4". Made in USA

*             Convenient way to offer parrots tasty grains, vegetables & fruits

*             Premium daily bird pellet diet with 21 added vitamins & minerals

*             Consistent, balanced bird nutrition in every natural pellet for Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons and other large parrots


 “This is the original product from the manufacturer that is packed in the quantity ordered, freshness guaranteed".

 Offer parrots straight forward daily nutrition and delicious taste without colors or fruit shapes. ZuPreem Natural Premium Daily Bird Food for Large Birds contains nutrition your parrot needs. Naturally tan, oval-shaped morsels are made with carrots, celery, beets, watercress and spinach ground from fresh vegetables for flavorful and delicious goodness.

Feeding Directions

Feed free choice, and assure your bird always has fresh food and water.

Adjust amounts to ensure your bird's optimum body condition - most birds consume 20% of their weight daily. Make this diet at least 80% of what your bird eats every day.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are not required and could be harmful.

Do not leave moistened food in the cup for more than 2...

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