Yellow Perches

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Perch reproduction cycle: spawning, eggs development. Underwater camera. HD.

Recorded in Lough Ennell in April 2011.

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This is a poor mans macro of Goldenrod crab spider (Misumena vatia) eating a European Skipper butterfly (Thymelicus lineola). On sunny days male skippers will perch themselves out in the open and strut their stuff...
Photo by MattysFlicks on Flickr
bird nature birds yellow singapore perched oriole blacknapedoriole blacknaped
Black-naped Oriole
Black-naped Oriole
Photo by _paVan_ on Flickr
White-banded Crab Spider (female) - Misumenoides formosipes, Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge, Laurel, Maryland
Arachtober 31 - The females can change their color to match their environment (at least yellow or white). This female nicely matches its goldenrod perch.